Dayne Allbright

Fox Hound British Captain of Engineer Corps


ST 15, DX 15, IQ 15, HT 15, HP 15, Will 15, Per 15, FP 15

Languages English (Native), French (Accented), Prussian (Broken)

Advantages: Acute Taste and Smell (Racial) 3, Acute Vision 4, Animal Empathy,
Combat Reflexes, Courtesy Rank 1 (Captain), Danger Sense, Discriminatory Smell (Racial),
Fearlessness 5, Wealthy.


Airshipman 15, Animal Handling (Equines)14, Brawling 15, Climbing 14,
Current Affairs (Science and Technology)15, Engineer (Civil, Combat, Steam Engine)13,
Fast Draw (Ammo, Knife, Pistol)16, Guns (Musket, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun)15,
Interrogation 11, Knife 15, Leadership 11, Machinist 14, Mathematics (Applied) 13,
Navigation (Air, Land)14, Riding (Horse)14, Sabre 14,
Savoir-Faire (High Society, Military)12, Shiphandling 12, Soldier 14,
Survival (Arctic, Jungle, Plains, Woodlands) 14,
Tactics 13, Throwing 14, Thrown Weapon (knife) 15


Dayne Allbright

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