Steampunk Empires

Terpitz Terminated and Return to Germany

December 12, 2012

Combat ensues and the rockets give a heavy amount of incendiary damage with the cannons keeping our enemies damage parties active. We are taking no damage as we avoid the effective range of the battleship. Then the battleship fails to extinguish a large amount of fanned flames and falls to the ground in massive explosions. We collect the ship’s bell and the captains log where we determine much false information has been written with a pair of flags. One we determine is of our new foe S.T.A.R. and the other the German flag for the ship. We then attempt to collect some more of the science equipment still on the ground. We spy the advance scouts of our foe, and prepare to bomb the infantry forces using our ship. As we collect equipment for 45 minutes the foe is gathering in a column on our location. We arise and attempt to drop bombs to damage this gathered infantry to little effect as they scatter once we are airborne above them. We then return to the science site and collect the remaining supplies. The infantry advances on our location and we use our artillery and gather a storm to disperse them as they flee after being fired upon with great effect. We then climb high into the sky and drop the remaining bombs from our maximum height while anti-airship explosions occur not far beneath us, our bombs hit the ice above the power source beneath the ice, but we are not sure if any lasting damage is made.

Then we depart to Germany. We make rapid time and arrive in record 12 days. Then we are hurried to the palace to share the events with the chancellor. The meeting takes place and much is discussed. Dayne agrees to let the chancellor handle the information to be delivered to England and hands over documents for that purpose. Dayne still will need to deliver his report to the embassy here in Germany. The other officers have concurred with the events and the reports given and provided their insights. All officers from the respective countries involved are tasked to remain on the airship to serve as officers and eliminate the S.T.A.R. base located somewhere on the America’s colonied continent.